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Water Softener Systems





Water Softeners

The function of the water softeners is to remove the hardness, in the form of calcium and magnesium in the water used in a dishwasher.
Various models are produced, ranging from simple units with resin and salt containers to models which incorporate the air-break and the water inlet controls, either volumetric, by flow meter or by pressure sensor.

We produce also models designed for resin regeneration and rinsing in the opposite direction to the inlet flow, thereby improving the performance and reducing the consumption of water and salt, while also reducing the risk of corrosion of the tub and cutlery.

The latest models have, as an optional, the incorporation of an electronic system able to measure the remaining softening capability of the softener, a switching solenoid valve and an overflow sensor.


Regeneration can be realised in different ways:
  • traditional, with regeneration tank (type 436) in the air break
  • with switching valve, where regeneration tank is not required (type 437)
  • with 2 air break for dishwasher with double inlet valve (the first one for inlet water and the second one for the regeneration). in this case the regeneration is controlled by the timer (type 425-427)
  • with regeneration flow opposite to filling flow (type 428)






Heat Exchanger Tank

Air Break

They could integrate the following functions

  • Air break (no pollution function)
  • Flow meter
  • Regeneration dosage, with/without adjustment
  • Drain Channel for column mount
  • Dryer for steam
  • Heat exchanger tank
  • Pressure compensation air hole
  • Mechanical or electrical mixing valve




Salt Tank and Resin Tank Stand Alone

  • Same function of integrated water softener
  • Solution for under-counter and professional machine



Water Softener for Washing Machine

Eliminates the impurities (in the form of calcium and magnesium) in water that can be harsh on fabrics.

Detergents mix more effectively with water to deliver thorough cleaning at low temperatures.


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