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Visible Switches


Door And Sun / Curtain Switches


Low current single switch without bezel.

Technical Characteristics

  • Different symbols/functions:
    - Sun curtain operation.
    - 4 windows simultaneous actuation.
    - Electric roof.
  • Silent snap feeling, elastic “soft”.
  • Painted knobs.
  • Illuminated symbols obtained by laser etching.
  • Different strokes depending on switch function.


Door Switches


Door switches panel with aesthetic bezel. Driver side switches either with (4 way sw.) or without (2 way sw.) integrated ECU. Passenger side sw. without integrated ECU.


  • Functions integrated in the panel:
    - Manual and automatic (double snap) window switches.
    - Rear mirrors regulation.
    - Window lock switch.
    - Connected to CAN and LIN network for functions control in relation with vehicle grade.
  • Soft snap feeling without click-sound.
  • Status indicator on window lock switch.
  • Illuminated symbols. Soft painted knobs and bezel.


Electric Parking Brake Switch


  • Electric parking brake switch
  • Supplied with aesthetic bezel

Technical characteristics

  • Supply voltage: 12 V.
  • Rated current: 12mA.
  • Rotary stroke: 10°.
  • Actuation force: 8 N.
  • Redundant contacts with simultaneous contact switching (< 40 ms)
  • Durability cycles: 172.000.
  • Technical solution: quick-commutation mechanical device developed by Bitron; metallic contacts with 0 V resistance with self cleaning effect;gold plated  contact pads on PCB.
  • Feeling: mechanical snap, low noise level.
  • Back-lit symbols for night illumination.


Multiplex System Door Panels 4 Window Control And Lock Assembly


Window control switch for front and rear windows with double "click" for automatic and manual action and children safety bistable key

Technical Characteristics

  • Silent double "click" window control keys.
  • New technology with silicone keypad and silver-plated metal contacts.
  • Multiplex electrical diagram with contact closing times lower than 10 msec.
  • Life: 25,000 cycles.
  • Light reduction between keys and plastic support.
  • Self illumination.
  • Colour change illumination on window lock icon.
  • Markings obtained by laser etching on soft-touch paint.
  • Pronounced snap feedback, soft haptic.

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