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Motorcycles and scooters


Fuel Level Sender


Tubular fuel level sender with different possible lengths and possible integration in a complete Fuel Pump Modules.


Scooters from 50 to 500 cc.


  • Fuel level signal; fuel low level signal.
  • Electrical part in the upper zone (suitable for fuels type E22).
  • Modularity available 150 to 210 mm length.
  • High quality output signal.
  • High reliability.
  • Integrated electrical connector.
  • Excellent contact pressure.
  • Reduced blades displacement (reduced wear).
  • Integrated signal damping (calibrated hole).
  • High resolution (over 60 steps).
  • Double-face resistance to improve the scooter tank adaptability.
  • Electric and mechanic connections according to customer requirements.

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