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Analog Pressure Sensor

The Bitron Pressure Sensor uses a Collpits oscillator and a microprocessor to produce a frequency output signal proportional to the pressure in a pneumatic chamber.

Calibration of the device allows the microprocessor to provide an output signal following a pressure-frequency table specified by the customer.
Corrections are made on several points of the curve in order to improve the tolerance over the whole pressure range.






Axial flow meter


Radial flow meter

Flow Meter for Solenoid Valves

  • The water flowing through the flow meter actuates an impeller in which there is 2 bipolar magnet that actuatesa reed switch mounted on an electronic control board.
  • The flow meter can be stand alone or integrated with the air break or with a water softener.



Foam Turbidity and Temperature Sensors

To detect water turbidity, foam and temperature

Sensor construction
Two infrared leds, positioned in different locations, emit signals detected by a phototransistor.  An NTC is mounted in the same housing to detect temperature.

These components are customozed ones.


Spray arm sensor

Solution for dishwasher to detect rotation and blocks of the middle spray arm even in presence of dirt and detergent film in front of the sensor.

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